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Weiglgasse 6-10 Impressions

Published on: 13.11.2022

Vienna offers various communal buildings with interesting architecture. The erection times start from the 1920s, the era of the First Republic of Austria, until nowadays. Through this large time span many different building styles and types have been created and offer cool locations for photography. This time I went to Weiglgasse 6-10 in the fifteenth district of Vienna. It was built in 1976 and greets the visitor with quite some brutal architecture combined with the building's size.
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Kind regards, Patrick

Welcome to my new website

Published on: 26.09.2022

Today I reworked my website to have a simple location to publish my favorite shots. Feel free to browse - today I released my shots from my 2015 trip to China. All pictures are shot on a Leica M6 and Fuji Superia 200 and Kodak Portra 400. The journey started in Beijing, then headed on to Qingtian (Zhejiang) and later to Changsha (Hunan). It was the first time I was completely only shooting film and I had no digital backup with me at this time. For me, born in 1994 and only using digital cameras, it was a new experience in photography and I can recommend it to any other photographer trying this out one time. At first I was quite unsure what will happen if I miss many shots or just take all the time wrong exposures since I had to rely on the internal meter of the M6. Firstly, the internal meter of the M6 is superb, secondly: There was not a single missed shot. Looking back now in 2022, I still love the pictures I took there far over anything else I did around this time.
Kind regards, Patrick